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Modified Ontario Curriculum with Direct Instruction and Individual Learning Plans for Children in Grades K – 8

The Lighthouse Learning and Development Centre understands the importance of using best-practices, evidence based methods when teaching our children. Each child will have an individual learning plan created based on their initial assessment, input from parents, therapist etc, current I.E.P.’s  and documentation provided by the parents. The Lighthouse Learning and Development Centre uses a modified Ontario curriculum and evidence based direct instruction for our program. We also incorporate ABA therapy and natural environment IBI. Our program includes:

Direct Instruction Programs
  • Reasoning and Writing
  • Connecting Math Concepts
  • Spelling Mastery
  • Reading Mastery

This is a program that has been adopted by many school boards with great success to help new readers.  This is an online program that includes reading and online quizzes.  The program allows children to record themselves reading.  This is an award winning program that guarantees results.


The Lighthouse Learning and Development Centre uses a program called JUMP Math. As taken from their website, the philosophy of Jump Math is as follows:

“JUMP Math is dedicated to helping children succeed at, and enjoy, learning math. JUMP is aware that there is a strong causal link between a child’s academic success and his or her future contribution to society. We strive to increase children’s chances of success, to reduce socio-economic disparities, to engender a sense of belonging and, most importantly, to endow voiceless children with opportunity.

There are several core beliefs at the foundation of the JUMP Math philosophy:

  • New intellectual abilities can emerge suddenly in even the most challenged student from a series of small advances, just as a chemical solution can change colour with the addition of a single drop of reagent. More than any other subject, math is a tool for adding, in a methodical and effective way, the drops of knowledge that will transform a student.
  • This non-linear potential can only be nurtured if students are confident and attentive. Teachers must pay attention to the psychology of the classroom to make sure that everyone is included, involved and participating, and supported with responsive instruction, praise and encouragement. Children who don’t believe they can succeed will never do so. The JUMP program starts with the confidence building exercise that has demonstrably changed children’s perceptions of their abilities.
  • By adopting the methods and principles of JUMP, schools can teach mathematics to a higher standard, without leaving students behind, and in a cost-effective manner.
  • There will always be differences between students, but we don’t need to exaggerate or highlight them by setting up unnecessary hierarchies. The materials and methods that minimize differences, teachers can cover more of the curriculum and can narrow or close the wide gap in student performance that exists in most classrooms.
  • Teachers will only succeed in helping all levels of student when they know how to determine what their students know, how to reduce concepts basic elements of perception and understanding, and how to extend ideas in a way that is engaging taking into account the student’s readiness to move forward.”

Each child is assessed to determine which program is most suitable. Our program is fluid, so a child who starts with JUMP Math in September may be moved to one our Direct Instruction math programs in December. The Lighthouse Learning and Development Centre understands that we need to progress with the child, instead of the child waiting for us to catch up.

The Arts / Physical Education

The Lighthouse Learning and Development Centre understands the importance of incorporating Art into our daily teaching methods.  We also have a state of the art sensory room to allow our students the opportunity to expend their energy thus keeping them engaged throughout the day.


There is not one child with Autism who does not also suffer from Anxiety at some level.  The Lighthouse Learning and Development Centre has incorporated an Anxiety program into our daily teaching.  It is important for our students to be taught how to recognize their own anxiety and give them tools to help manage their anxiety.

Personal Daily Schedule

The world around children with Autism can appear very chaotic and unpredictable. In many cases, children with Autism have very little control over their environment; one of the best ways to foster a positive learning environment is to allow our children the opportunity at the beginning of the day to process their schedule for the day. This can be done in different ways. For the younger children, they have a visual schedule. The older children either have an agenda or electronic program on a personal device such as an iPad. Providing the children an opportunity to review their schedule allows them to be involved in and prepare for their day, and process the transitions that will occur.

“Some teachers just have a knack for working with autistic children. Other teachers do not have it.”

– Temple Grandin

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