Savannah Cohen

Primary Teacher

Growing up in a large family and being the eldest of four siblings has led me to naturally develop an unconditional love for children and a rigorous passion for teaching. These interests have led me to take part in numerous experiences related to childcare and teaching which have taught me valuable lessons, furthering what I know about teaching and working with children.

Throughout my course work at Wilfrid Laurier University and Niagara University, following my personal experience, I have developed a strong teaching philosophy that has never changed – that is, as a career, teaching is far more than what it seems. Teaching involves a variety of things; the ability to influence and motivate, taking on the large responsibility of role model for others, and ultimately adding significance to a child’s life.

A teacher does not just teach day-to-day lessons based on curriculum guidelines; they teach underlying, yet extremely significant life lessons that stick with their students for the rest of their lives. Ultimately, the extent of this impact is what I find most rewarding about a teaching career and is what I look forward to the most. My one goal is to have a positive impact on every student that enters my classroom through getting to know my students and teaching and mentoring based on each students individualized needs. I look forward to succeeding my goals and engineering success in my students at The Lighthouse!