Psycho-Educational Assessment

Children with Autism frequently struggle academically despite all efforts by parents and the school for remediation. A psychoeducational assessment for children with Autism is very beneficial to help determine the underlying causes of the difficulties the child is facing in school.

We have partnered with registered psychologist and Autism specialist Dr. Amanada Azarabehi, who will be administering comprehensive psychoeducational assessments. During the assessment standardized tools will be used to look deeper into your child’s cognitive abilities.  Some examples of what will be tested are: intelligence, memory, processing speed, planning, organization, math skills, oral language, writing, spelling, reading and expressive-receptive language. When running a psychoeducational assessment on a child with Autism it is vitally important for the environment and procedures to be targeted specifically to Autism. Too often during assessments that are not conducted by an Autism specialist a true and accurate picture is not developed and the child appears on paper to be lacking abilities and potential. Having a psychoeducational assessment conducted by an Autism specialist allows for true and accurate results.

Most families have Psychological services included in their families’ extended health care benefits. Typically families have between $500.00 and $1,000.00 per person per year of psychology coverage. Please call your insurance company to confirm your coverage.

Cost including feedback session with Dr. Azarabehi $2,500.00

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