The Lighthouse Learning and Development Centre is an approved Direct Funding Option under the Ontario Autism Program.
autism program

All services and programs at The Lighthouse Learning and Development Centre are evidenced based practices. Two types of OAP programming are available at The Lighthouse, 1:1 Intervention and the Elementary School Program. These programs include services such as planning and goal-setting, assessments, team meetings, 1:1 or group intervention, family/caregiver training, consultation services, and consultation with other professionals.

autism program

With the new regulations of the Ontario Autism Program (OAP), Clinical Supervisors can either be a Clinical Psychologists or BCBA. At The Lighthouse, we have chosen to have all of our autism programs overseen by a Clinical Psychologist. We believe that the level of education and experience a Clinical Psychologist has is necessary to the success of our programming. The Clinical Psychologist on staff oversees both 1:1 intervention and the Elementary School program. Our Psychologist will be on-site 25% of each child’s funded hours. They will dedicate 10% of those hours to Clinical Supervision and 75% of those hours will be delegated to the Senior Therapist on-site.


The Lighthouse Learning and Development Centre continues to operate based on the old Direct Funding Option. The OAP Behaviour Plan and Budget for each child will be decided upon with the Family Team and all members will be involved in the decision-making process as per the OAP. The Family Team reviews all programs every 6 months and updates each child’s Behaviour Plan and Budget according to the OAP standards and expectations.

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