One to One ABA Therapy

Individuals with Autism face many challenges in life. Whether it is from communication, behaviour, self-help, self-regulation, social to academic, many parents often struggle trying to find a suitable program or therapy for their child. When a service or treatment is recommended, parents often question the credibility, the staff credentials or if the promised treatments are based on secure, evidence based research.

Have you heard of Applied Behavioural Analysis or ABA Therapy?

Applied Behavioural Analysis is a recommended form of therapy for children on the autism spectrum. Just as the name implies, behaviours are at the heart of ABA. Through strategies and techniques within ABA therapy, it is possible to systematically improve these behaviours in a meaningful way. The main techniques used are:

  • Motivation
  • Reinforcement
  • Shaping
  • Prompts
  • Task Analysis and Chaining

The benefits and results of ABA therapy are described in detail here. Our qualified teachers and staff have seen excellent results when ABA therapy is used to help the children at our learning centre. We believe every child with autism can benefit from this therapy.

The Lighthouse offers one to one ABA therapy for children ages 3 and up. Your child does not have to be enrolled in our school program to participate in this therapy.

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