school for kids with autism

Marissa Fleming

Instructor Therapist

I’ve always known that I’ve wanted a career that helped people, was rewarding, and made others, as well as myself, happy. I just wasn’t sure exactly what that would be. It wasn’t until I was in my fourth year of university that a last minute course was offered on autism. I decided to switch into the class, not knowing at all what to expect, or much about autism. I quickly learned that a career in this field is what I’ve always wanted and described, I just didn’t know it at the time.

I graduated in 2015 with a BA honours In Psychology and History and began working as an instructor therapist a couple months later. I joined the amazing lighthouse crew in October 2016, and it has been a great experience. Working as an IT has truly been a life changing experience. Going into this field, I expected to help children with Autism, but I didn’t expect how much working with children with ASD would change my life. I’ve learned so much from all of the children I’ve worked with and I am so thankful to get to work with all of these amazing kids every day.