school for kids with autism

Katie Michelin

Instructor Therapist

In this practice you’ll see that we do things a little differently… we stim, we repeat, we FBA and ABA, we first and then, we adapt and accommodate, we progress and celebrate, and we respect and accept!

My career has always been more than a job to me, however it wasn’t until I received this card from a parent that made me realize this career is truly my passion. “Dear Katie, thank you for being my friend and teacher while I learn about school for the first time. Thank you for your smiles every morning and hugs when I don’t feel well. Thank you for taking me to the washroom and helping me learn to wash my hands. Thank you for helping me get dressed and undressed. Thank you especially for your dedication in helping me grow and learn new things.” To that child and all others I’ve worked with, thank you. Thank you for letting me into your world to encourage, support, teach, understand, and motivate you to be all you can be!

My name is Katie and I have worked in the field of Applied Behaviour Analysis for 5 years. I graduated from Trent University where I received my Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Psychology. I then continued my education to receive a diploma in Autism and Behavioural Science. I joined The Lighthouse team in April 2018, and I could not be more pleased working alongside my knowledgeable colleagues and the most amazing group of kiddos!