Are you a therapy centre?

No we do not offer direct 1:1 IBI therapy.  Our children are all working on modified Ontario Curriculum and researched therapeutic teaching modules like direct instruction. We do not offer therapy services. We do, however, welcome children who have a therapy team in place. We will work closely with the child’s team to ensure that the therapy goals and the educational goals mesh well. If a child requires 1:1 assistance, but still meets our admission requirements, we welcome the family to provide a 1:1 aid, at the family’s cost, to attend The Lighthouse Learning and Development Centre with the student.

Do you follow the Ontario Curriculum?

We do follow the Ontario Curriculum with modifications to individualize learning plans that are specific to each student in our centre.  Our programs also include evidence based treatment modules to ensure the success of each of our children.

Do you take children who do not have Autism?

Our admission requirement for our students is that they have a primary diagnosis of Autism. We understand that the majority of our students will also have other diagnoses; however, the student’s primary diagnosis must be Autism.

What is the student-to-staff ratio?

Our ratios change depending on the ability and age of our students. Our homeroom ratios are 3:1 with 1 Ontario-certified teacher to every 7 students. We do not offer 1:1 ratios; however, if your child meets our admission criteria we can help you find a 1:1 assistant. We also welcome current team members that families may already have in place to come and assist your child. During our admission intake, if our staff determines that a child requires 1:1 assistance in order to participate in our program, this will have to be set up prior to the child’s first day.

Do you offer occupational therapy and/or speech therapy?

We do not offer regular occupational and/or speech therapy. Our staff participates in regular training sessions with both occupational and speech therapists to ensure our children are receiving the best possible programming. We do have wonderful relationships with local occupational and speech therapists that we can arrange for you. Should you already have an occupational therapist or speech therapist, we are happy to work with them to ensure that each child has every chance at success.

Is the Lighthouse a not-for-profit learning centre?

The Lighthouse is a for-profit educational facility. We explain why in this blog post.

Evidence based instruction

We don’t try and fit children into rigid instruction, we teach the way they learn.

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