Family Support Counselling

Receiving an Autism diagnosis can be one of the most devastating blows to a family. From mourning the loss of the “perfect” child you had envisioned, to trying to educate yourself on Autism and the various different therapies, to learning how expensive those therapies are, to lying awake all night every night worrying about what this diagnosis means for your child, for your family.   This new life takes a toll on everyone, and can be quite difficult to navigate yourself.   We offer different forms of Family Support Counselling to help families get through time that seem almost impossible.

Most families have Psychological services included in their families’ extended health care benefits.  All of our Family Support Counselling is overseen by our registered psychologist and therefore qualifies as a registered psychological service.  Please contact your insurance company to confirm your coverage.


Parent Support 

Having a child with Autism is difficult for everyone, but no more so than Mom and Dad.  The financial strain alone can be enough to cause a divide between two people, add to that the worry about your child, and the constant exhaustion, relationships tend to fall to the back of the to-do list.   There is one very important thing to remember however; the ONLY person in the entire world who knows exactly how you are feeling is your spouse.  It is vital to not only your relationship, but also your family to keep that unit strong.  Sitting down with one of our counselling specialists may be just what you need to get back on track.  Sometimes just understanding how you are feeling can do wonders for a relationship.

We offer Parent Support on a session-to-session basis or in a package of 6.

Parent Support is $205.00 per hour

Package of 6 is $1,170.00


Sibling Support 

When a family receives an Autism diagnosis for one of their children, suddenly that child takes priority.  There is therapy to arrange, funding to secure, melt-downs to manage, the list goes on and on.  It is easy to forget that there are other children in the family who don’t have a diagnosis.  This life is just as difficult for siblings as it is for parents and the child with Autism.  Siblings of children with Autism can feel forgotten when they see how busy their parents are with their brother or sister.

Our Sibling Support allows for a safe place for your child to discuss how they feel about the diagnosis and the changes that have occurred and are occurring in their family.

Sibling Support is offered on a session-to-session basis at $200.00

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