school for children with autism

Dianne Dalisay

Senior Therapist

Life is a message to the world, and it is my mission to make sure it is inspiring!

My name is Dianne Dalisay, and I’m proud to be part of The Lighthouse Family as Instructor Therapist in the ABA class.

I have been blessed to be in the field for over 10 years. My experience and passion for children with autism has become a huge part of my life and it has made me a better person and mother for my four little kiddies at home!

I went to York University and have a degree in Linguistics, with the desire at the time to pursue a career in speech therapy. After university, I attended George Brown College and finished a certification in Developmental Disabilities. This is when I discovered the world of Intensive Behaviour Intervention (IBI) and Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA).

After finishing school, I applied to my first job at MacKenzie Health Hospital (formerly known as York Central Hospital) in the IBI program in collaboration with Kinark Family Services. I devoted 10 years with this program, worked in Homes doing 1-1 therapy, Clinics, Centres, and a Transition Classroom in partnership with the York Region Public School Board.

I am truly grateful to have worked with many other therapists, behaviour consultants, clinical supervisors and teachers whom have been a huge part of developing my expertise to do my job with grace and patience.

Anyone that knows someone or has a child with autism, definitely knows that this specifc environment is every parents dream come true. To have a child learn in an environment where their teachers have the skills to manage their individualized needs. I believe I have found the winning ticket when I joined the Lighthouse Team!

I decided to resign from the hospital, with the sole mission to spend more time with my family. Although, I knew being at home wasn’t going enough for me. Working with children with autism holds a very special part in my heart and I am forever grateful for this gift! So, very quickly my only hope was to find a perfect environment for myself as a therapist and a mother, that respects the importance of family life.

Most importantly I was on a search to be part of a community where the learners were surrounded by people who love and motivate eachother on a daily basis.

A strong team make miracles happen!! It is my honour to be part of an amazing team. Much love and gratitude to all the children and families I work with everyday , it is because of you that I’m inspired to live life to the fullest!