Comprehensive Academic Profile

This assessment provides parents with an accurate working grade level of their child for reading, writing and math, based on the Ontario Curriculum.   This assessment can take anywhere from 2-4 hours.  Reinforcing breaks are implemented throughout the session to ensure optimal results are achieved.

In addition to the academic assessment, a learning profile will also be established for the child.  While the academic assessment is being administered, behaviour observations are made and noted to determine a learning profile.   We will establish if a child uses escape and avoidance techniques, if the child has a repetitive behaviour pattern during academic demands, if the child appears to exhibit behaviours in an attempt to be negatively reinforced, and over all behaviours that will help anyone who has an instructional opportunity with the child.

Once the assessment is complete a report is generated which contains the following:

  • Working grade level in Math
  • Working grade level of Writing
  • Working grade level for Reading
  • Guided reading level
  • Detailed outline of any observed behaviours throughout the session
  • Complete learner profile
  • Recommended modifications and accommodations to ensure academic success

Following development of the report, parents meet with the Lighthouse team to review the report in detail and debrief the assessment.

Comprehensive Academic Profile Cost: $1000.00

For more information or to register for one of our assessments contact Serena Thompson at 905-726-6666 ext. 200 or email

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