school for kids with autism

Caroline Power

Instructor Therapist

Working in a helping profession, was something that I strived for at a young age. I knew I had a deep passion for wanting to instil happiness and provide care for people, although I wasn’t sure how I was going to do this. Prior to graduating high school, the time came where I struggled to figure out what I wanted to go to university for. After searching and searching I finally found a program that I felt encompassed everything I believed in, this was Recreational Therapy.

I attended Brock University in 2013, for Therapeutic Recreation and I found myself in a program that provided me with more knowledge and experience then I could have ever imagined. I was provided with hands on experience on how to work with various populations, utilizing leisure as a therapy to allocate programming in multiple settings. Throughout my experience at Brock I had the chance to work at various long term care facilities working as a recreation therapist. During my summers I worked at a summer camp working as both a program coordinator and inclusion counsellor working 1:1 with children with disabilities.

Although, everything changed when I worked for a non-profit organization called Red
Roof Retreat. This was both a community based, and respite program that provided individuals with disabilities the social, emotional, and physical support they needed through the use of leisure. This experience truly changed my outlook on how I wanted to utilize my degree after graduation.

When graduation approached, I now knew that I wanted to find a job working with individuals with disabilities. Finding and working for The Lighthouse has been a true blessing and the most rewarding experience I’ve had yet! I believe everyone deserves an equal chance to reach there highest potential, and I am both excited and fulfilled to be apart of a team that provides these children with the confidence and support to achieve that goal.